Lie down on the back. Bring the heels near the buttocks by the legs and keep a little distance between the feet. Bending both of the hands under the shoulder, place them in such a way that the palms should rest on the ground and the direction of the fingers should be towards the feet.


Inhaling and putting pressure on the hands and feet lift the back, neck and head to the maximum.


Normalize the breath and stay in this position for a while. Exhaling return slowly. Relax the body.
Point of Concentration: Manipur Chakr.

Heart patients and those suffering from high blood pressure should avoid this asan.

* Owing to the flexibility of the spine, the circulation of blood in the body improves and the nervous system is toned up.

* The powerful backward bending of the abdominal organs and lungs make them supple and healthy. It also corrects the menstrual disorders of women as well as those of uterus.

* The supply of blood in the brain improves and many known and unknown ailments, such as headache, migraine etc. are cured.

* This asan helps in curing the pains in the lumber region, slip disc, cervical spondylitis but patients of these diseases should practice this asan under the guidance of an expert Yog-teacher.

* It prevents the rigidity of bones, and by the practice of asan the sudden obstruction in any coronary vessel does not occur.

* Physical weakness is removed. Shivering in hands and feet stops and paralysis is cured.