Sit on the asan with the legs stretched forward. Bend the right leg and the right heel must press the perineal space. The sole of the foot should touch the right thigh.


Keeping the lower part of the back straight, and inhaling, stretch the hands towards the sky according to the capacity.


Exhaling, bend and catch hold the left toe with both the hands and rest the forehead on the left knee. Normalize the breath; stay in this pose for a while. Repeat this practice with the other foot also.

Point of concentration: Swadhishthan Chakr.

* It removes the disorders of the reproductive cells. It is very useful in curing gastric trouble, obstruction of urine, and heat of the intestines.

* It has a beneficial effect on the sciatic nerve.

* Spine becomes flexible. It strengthens the back-muscle and nadis, as well as ankles, calves, thighs and knees.

* All seminal disorders are set right.

* Diabetic patient will greatly benefit by this asan, it stops the follow of sugar in urine.

* Finally it gives strength to pran shakti, which increase digestive power.