Lie down on the back. Keep the hands straight close to the body. Bringing the heels and toes together. Stretch the legs straight. Take the hands beyond the head andĀ  stretch them too, raise the heels a little. All through this posture the heel shall remain raised. This position is particularly useful for women.


Inhaling, raise the right leg and left arm upward and stretch them towards the sky. Raised hand and the feet should remain parallel to each other. Stay in this posture for a while and normalize the breath. Exhaling, come back slowly.padottan3

Inhaling, raise the left leg and right hand upward towards the sky. Normalize the breath. Stay in this pose for a while as before. Exhaling, come back slowly. Inhaling, raise both the hands and legs together towards the sky. Normalize the breath and stay in this position as long as possible. Exhaling, return to the starting position comfortably. Relax the body, the navalĀ  in particular.

Point of Concentration: Manipur Chakr

Specially beneficial in stimulating our Colon Nadi and thereby it eliminates chronic constipation and improves our digestive power.

* Very effective in setting right the position of the naval.

* Cures the ailments of hernia (coming down of intestine).

* Pain in the sciatic nerve, which runs down the back of the thigh, is alleviated.

* It is very effective in regulating the menstruation disorders of the female. It helps in contracting the vagina.

* Because of the stretching of hands and feet, this asan stimulates the function of ankles, calves, thighs, buttocks, waistline, muscles of the hands and shoulders. Moreover abdominal nerves are toned up.