The book has been divided in three parts for the purpose of purification of human body. First part portrays physical body and includes purification practice and Asans; the second part explains Astral body which includes Pranayam and auxiliary topics viz . Pranayam and Sheaths, Pranayam and Chakr, Kumbhak, Bandh, Mudra, etc . The third part begins with Meditation practice, which enables to purify our Chitt. The matter does not end here. The practitioner would like to learn how Yog can be extended to practical life. Thus, he has to perform selfless work, practise Yam-Niyam in his daily life and also practise Yog-Mudra, Tratak (Steady Gazing), Prayer and inner silence to keep Chitt pure. The book therefore, contains enough material to make the life of practitioner wholesome. Besides, pictures of Yog postures in the book make it more attractive.