Lie down flat on the back. Keep the leg straight. Bring the toes and heels together and stretch the feet forward. Stretch the arms along and close to the body. Palms should face the ground. The whole body must be straight from top to toe.


Start inhaling and raise the legs upward slowly from the hip joints. Bring the legs to 900 angle and stay a while in this position.


Exhaling and pressing the palms on the floor take the legs beyond the head, making them parallel to the ground Normalize the breath and stay in this position for some time. In this position the toes will remain fully stretched and knees will not bend.


Support the back with the hands and stretch the legs upward towards the sky slowly. Place the palms on the back as far below as possible and in such a way that the whole body stands straight upon the shoulders, so much so that the chest touches the chin. Relax the toes and maintain this position for the duration as comfortably as possible. Breathe in the normal manner, after sufficient practice in this posture perform Moolbandh and Jalandhar Bandh intermittently to derive better benefits from this asan.

Stretching the toes and keeping the knees straight take the legs slowly beyond the head parallel to the ground. Remove the support of the hands from the back, place them on the ground nearer to each other. Stay in the posture for a few moments. Balancing the weight of the entire body on the palms, come back to the ground very slowly, touching each vertebra of the spinal column on the floor. After bringing the back on the floor, stay in this position again for a while with the knees and toes fully stretched. Thereafter bring down the legs slowly, placing them on the ground gently, Relax. The principal benefit of Sarvangasan is felt in the improved functioning of brain, nervous system, ductless glands, respiratory system, blood circulation, throat, abdomen and promoting our physical health and charm.

By keeping the body in a vertical position, cervical part of the spine is stimulated. In the cervical part there are plexus of nerves, which extend to the posterior part of the brain. This part is greatly strengthened and toned up by the practice of this asan. The brain is strengthened normally by the flow of fresh blood. But since the chin is pressed into the throat, an increased flow of blood into the brain is obstructed. Sarvangasan in this respect is considered to be more beneficial than Sirshasan. All the vascular spasms of brain that cause headache are eliminated by free flow of blood in the brain. Jalandharbandh (pressing of the chin into the angular notch) has a very healthy effect on the thyroid gland. The harmones of this gland get harmoniously blended by the even flow of blood and they are well stimulated; the secretion of the endocrine glands is automatically controlled. Hence this posture ensures healthy development of our entire metabolism.

The practice of Moolbandh and Uddiyanbandh in this posture has an effective impact on our productive glands or gonads. These glands determine our mental, physical and sexual strength.

The practice of Uddiyanbandh stimulates our pancreas and adrenal glands.

The vital energy i.e. the seminal energy which in all being has a downward tendency reverses into an upward movement towards our brain by the practice of this asan.

In the final position of Sarvangasan, our breathing process almost comes to a stop in the upper part of our lungs. It is forcibly directed towards the lower part of the lungs and the abdomen. As a result the entire region of veins and arteries are bathed with blood circulation and the air passages in the lower part of the lungs do not become lifeless. All the parts of lungs and abdomen are stimulated and inspired. That is why the ailment of asthma does not crop up.

This posture is especially useful in the purification and rectification of blood circulation. It cures all disorders of the throat and prevents tonsillitis. Sound becomes melodious and it also imparts strength to throat, eyes, nose, ears, etc.

Due to the supply of blood in all the organs, all the cells in the body are activated. Skin gains in beauty. As the blood flows into the roots of the hair, this asan prevents grayness and the fall of hair.

This asan has been found very useful in the treatment of sterility in women and curing their uterine and menstrual disorders. It cures such ailments as piles, deafness, violation of celibacy, under development of body, noctumal emissions, mental disorders, diabetes, loss of memory and intelligence etc.

* Diaphragm rises towards the brain. It improves digestive systems and relieves constipation.
* It removes fatigue and enhances physical strength.
* By staying for a longer duration in Sarvangasan in its final position the entire flow of blood from other organs is directed towards the brain. On returning to the normal position, the blood flows back towards our feet. Thus, by this process all the organs of the body are revitalized.