Lie down flat on the back. Keep convenient distance between the feet. Rest the hands a little away from the body, palms facing the sky. Keep the neck straight. The whole body should also be straight, but relaxed. Keep the eyes gently closed. Relax the body from top to toe Рbones, flesh, nerves, arteries, organs. Imagine that the entire body is relaxed. This way each and every organ of the body will get relaxed.

With the eye of the mind, go on visualizing every relaxed organ of the body one by one, from the toe to the top (crown of the head). Reverse the gaze of the mind’s eye from the crown to the toe, make a full inspection of the body step by step. Involve the mind whole-heartedly in this process.

When a Sadhak attains maturity in Shavasan, by and by make a headway towards the attainment of Pratyahar, (withdrawing the senses from the objects) Dharna, (Concentration) and Dhyan (Meditation).

For advanced Sadhak :
Our body is constituted of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. They are stationed in our body in the following manner.

*From the toe to the knee: Element of earth.

*From the knee to the naval: Element of water.

*From the naval to the throat: Element of fire.

*From the throat to the middle of the eye brows: Element of air.

*From the middle of the eye brow to the crown of the head: Element of ether (Akash).

Visualize these elements from the feet to the crown of the head, knowledge of elements will ensue. There is also a metaphysical element that transcends all elements and an experiential knowledge of that Super Element will follow. It promotes the attainment of such a state. At the end return slowly from the metaphysical to the physical consciousness and slowly sit up.

Point of Concentration. The entire body.

Do not sleep while performing Shavasan in order to obtain the maximum benefits.

* This is the best way to take complete rest.

* Muscles are completely relaxed by Shavasan. Energy from the non-fatigued organs is redistributed to the fatigued ones. All the organs of the body, both external and internal are relieved of stresses and strains.

* It alleviates all the tensions of body and mind.

* It is very efficacious in restoring to sound sleep. Practitioners of this asan complete the quota of sleep in lesser time. And that makes us more calm, alert and energetic.

* It reduces high blood pressure to normal level and regulates respiratory system.

* A natural harmony between the body and mind is established. A constant practice of this asan also helps us to gain a contentment of heart and a greater equanimity of mind.

* It builds up a sound body and a sound mind, equability, freshness, energy. A natural harmony between the body and mind and an unfailing health are the blessing of Shavasan.

* Heart disease, insomnia, nervous debility, mental imbalance, lack of memory, fear-psychosis, and many other psychological ailments are alleviated by this asan.

* Practice of asan after a meal rectifies the digestive system.