Sit in Vajrasan. Keep the feet apart. Sit on the ground between the legs.


Hold the ankles. Bend backward and let the right elbow rest on the ground first and thereafter the left elbow.


Lower the whole of the back on the ground. Keep the knees together.


While inhaling stretch the hands backward beyond the head. Stay in this pose for a couple of moments . Bring back both the palms under the head.


Relax in this pose. Breath should be normal. Hold of the ankles and with the support of the right elbow return to the starting position.

Point of concentration: Anahat Chakr.

* By placing the right elbow on the ground and lying supine on the ground, energy flows out freely from the Vagus Nerve. It reduces the rate of heart beatings and alleviates the bad effects of high blood pressure.

* As knees, thighs and abdomen are stretched in this asan, they get strengthened and the circulation of blood improves a lot in the reproductive organs.

* This asan is very beneficial for women as it helps menstruation and its constant practice alleviates the pangs of birth.

* By stretching the arms beyond the head, the cervical region of the spine gets adequate supply of blood.

* It has a beneficial effect on the pelvic region and is helpful in setting the naval at its proper place.

* It is extremely effective in activating the Thymus gland in the chest.

*To obtain more benefits from this posture exhale right up to the naval point.

* It cures the ailments of breath, chest, waist, feet and pelvis.