Lie flat on the back, stretch the arms straight close to the body and bring the toes and heels together, stretching the toes forward.   The palms will face the ground. Keep the body fully stretched.


Inhaling, raise the legs together slowly. Exhaling, press the palms down on the floor and raise the legs beyond the head till they come parallel to the floor.

Move the legs forward until the toes touch the ground. Take the toe together more forward. Chin should touch the lock of the throat. The hands will stick to the ground and bring the arms nearer to each other. Normalizing the breath, hold this posture as long as comfortable.

Be very careful while returning to the original position. Balancing the weight of the body on the palms and resting each vertebra of the spine on the ground, bring back the leg very slowly until they rest on the ground. The more slowly spine is brought to the ground, the more resilience it will gain. When the back rests on the floor, bring down the feet slowly towards the ground and place the heels on the floor gently and comfortably. The slow downward movement of the legs will benefit the abdomen in a big way. On return, relax.

Point of Concentration: Vishudhi Chakr.

* The spine in this pose is stretched up to three inches more than its length. As a result it becomes more resilient and healthy. It also aids in lengthening the size of the body.

* As the bones do not release calcium they do not suffer from faulty holes and rigidity. Besides, this asan helps supplying adequate quantum of blood into bones.

* All the glands, thyroid, parathyroid, kidneys, spleen, liver, pancreas, adrenal, seminal etc. get contracted in this asan. When we return to the original position they get expanded. This way, these glands are benefited internally.

* By stretching the spinal cord all the nerves connected with the spine and the muscles are stimulated in such a manner that one is absolutely relieved of fatigue. Body gets relaxed and doubly energized.

* Since the lungs are pressed from inside they release maximum quantity of carbon dioxide. When we come back to the starting position, they are filled with fresh oxygen and as a result their functional capacity is stimulated.

* In the final position of this asan, the flow of blood is pointed towards the coronary vessel. This feeds heart and the shape of the heart is not unnecessarily enlarged due to the flow of blood towards the face it gains in luster. The pressure on throat will improve the function of the vocal cord.

* The pressure exerted on palms and arms relieves the shivering of hands and strengthening of shoulders.

* Since all the organs of the abdomen are pressed inside, they get strengthened. Due to its impact on pancreas, diabetes is cured. It gives relief in gastric troubles and constipation.

* All the muscles from the toes to buttocks are toned up and benefited.

* Helps in reducing obesity.

* Cures sterility.