Sit on the asan, stretch the legs forward joining the heels and toes. Place the palms on the ground behind the back fingers pointing outward. Pressing the palms and heels, inhaling raise the body upward.


The knees should not bend. Try to touch the toes on the ground. Bend the neck backward. Normalize the breath and stay in this pose according to the capacity. Exhaling come back and relax.
Point of Concentration: Manipur Chakr.

*When we place our feet and toes on the ground, our calves  are influenced  and  toned up.

* Much of the waste matter that gathers around the novel region  leaves its place and that results in the proper functioning of the excretory system.

* Konasan is helpful in strengthening our shoulders and wrists.

* This asan is extremely beneficial for those who suffer from cervical, spondylitis and dislocation of the disc.