Lie down on the back. Do padmasan while lying down. Catch both the toes with the hands and pull so much so that the elbows may rest on the ground. Start breathing deeply. Stay in this position for a while.


Keeping both of the hands near the shoulders, bend the neck backward to the maximum so that the crown of the head may touch the floor. Grasp the toes again with the hands. Try to raise the buttocks too. Normalize the breath. After a while, bring back the hips on the ground and leave the toes.

Massage the throat gently with both the hands. Using the hands as leverage bring back the neck to the original position & keep it straight. Place both the hands under the hips, palms facing the ground. Using the elbows as leverage raises the trunk upward. Raise also the knees a little. Start moving the head slowly towards the left and then towards the right, each side three times. Also rotate the head gently and slowly in a circular movement both clockwise and anti-clockwise at least thrice. Bring back the neck slowly on the ground and unlock the Padmasan. Relax the body and take rest in Shavasan, normalizing the breath.

Point of Concentration: Vishudhi Chakr

By bending the neck backward the trachea (wind pipe) remains absolutely clear and its holes free from any obstruction. As its mouth widens, the lungs are filled with oxygen and this asan facilitates the maximum oxygenation of the blood. As the lungs are strengthened, such ailments as asthma, cough and many respiratory disorders are cured.

* Gonads in the lower abdomen are strengthened and toned up. Digestive organs are benefited and constipation relieved.

* Spine becomes resilient and healthy, backache is eliminated and the chest expands.

* By performing this posture constantly in Padmasan, one gets relief from diseases like gout, tonsil, diabetes, mental disorders, nose and ear pain.

* Nervous debility and tremors caused by gastric disorders in the body are cured.

* By rotating the neck left and right and in a circular movement, the cervical region is immensely benefited. Besides, it removes all obstructions in blood vessels supplying blood to the brain.