Stand on the asan. Keep the feet apart at a distance more than the shoulders. Raise the right hand up, keeping it close to the right ear and while inhaling, stretch it towards the sky. The left hand should be stretched downwards.


Exhaling, stretch the left hand slowly towards the ground till the palm touches the earth. The palm of the right hand should be pointed downwards and hand parallel to the earth. Stay in this pose as per the capacity. Inhaling, return to the original position with ease. Now repeat the same process on the other side.

Point of Concentration: Manipur Chakr

* Body becomes light. Spine and its adjoining muscles are strengthened, hands, feet, back and neck, all become strong.
* It reduces the excess fat accumulated on the stomach and the back.
* It activates all the organs located in the abdominal region.
* Liver, kidneys, pancreas and colon – all these organs are equally benefited by this asan.
* It enhances the capacity of holding breath for a longer duration in the lungs.