Fold the legs and sit joining the heels and toes, grip the toes and fingers and bring the heals as near as possible. The knees should touch the ground. Normalize the breath and stay comfortably as long as possible.


When the above pose is erected, try to sit on the heels. Keep both of the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra posture. During the final performance of this asan, keep the waist and neck absolutely erect. Stay in this posture according to the capacity.

Point of Concentration: Swadhishthan Chakr.

* Owing to its impact on our reproductive glands, this asan is very effective in saving our seminal energy.

* Nocturnal emission and urinary disorders are eliminated. All female disease like menstrual fluid and other disorders of menstruation and uterus are cured by this asan.

* It removes the stiffness of buttocks, knees, calves and roots of the thighs. The organs of the waist region are strengthened.

* The lower region of the abdomen gets its due supply of blood.

* Mind is stabilized.