Be seated on the asan and stretch the legs in front by joining them together. Fold the right leg and place the right heel on the left side of the navel. Similarly fold the left leg in such a way that the left heel is positioned on the right side of the navel. Bring both the heels closer to each other. Keep the neck and spine erect.  Place both the hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra. Close the eyes gently.

Point of Concentration : Agya Chakr.

The importance of Padmasan can be understood by the following facts:-

* By sitting for longer period in Padmasan, blood circulation in the feet is reduced. The blood thus saved can be utilised in the brain for meditation.

* Spine remains automatically erect in this asan, circulatory system functions in a normal manner & nervous system is strengthened.

* With the soles of the feet being upward and both hands on the knees in Gyan Mudra the outward flow of vital energy from the pores of our fingers and feet stops. The entire energy remains within.

* Owing to the pressure the Saraswati Nadi (passing through the left of the naval) is affected by the heel of the right foot. It facilitates Pran – the life force, flow through the Sushumna Nadi. Meditating on the tip of the nose or on Agya Chakr in the center of the forehead help to attain the state of Dhyan.

* Pressure of the heel on the stomach improves the digestive power.

* Our Motor Senses (Karm Indriyas) and senses of perception (Gyan Indriyas) are set at rest in this asan. Energy spent through these senses is preserved.